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Strawberry Thai Basil Jam

Jammin' Stan Strawberry Thai Basil Jam

 The best and as far as Jammin' Stan knows, the ONLY Strawberry Thai  Basil Flavored Jam in the universe.  You have to try this sweet and  "sweet savory" flavor that the Thai variety of basil imparts to this  awesome Strawberry Jam! 

Mango FIRE! Jam

Jammin' Stan Mango FIRE! Jam

 We took our amazing Mango jam and added some FIRE from Thai Chili  Peppers! The sweet comes first and the heat follow right behind for the  perfect balance. Enjoy!  

Maryberry Jam

Jammin' Stan Maryberry Jam on toast.

 One day Mary asked Jammin' Stan to create a "mixed berry" jam.  So  Jammin' Stan set out to create the biggest berry flavor experience on  earth!  Maryberry was born!  It's a mixed berry flavor trip you will  love! 

Peachy Jam

Jammin' Stan Peachy Jam

 We sure do love peaches! This jam has a deep peach flavor with great  texture, a hint of peach slices and a smooth, pleasingly tart profile.  Peaches are from Southern California orchards and as fresh and tasty as  we can find!  

Black'n Blue Jam

Jammin' Stan Black'n Blue Jam

 Blackberry and Blueberry!  Again, these killer berries come from black'n  blue growers in Southern and Central CA straight to Jammin' Stan's  kitchen.  This jam is fresh, natural, downright tasty and we think  you'll think... "this is the best jam on earth!" 

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Mango Jam

Jammin' Stan Mango Jam

 No, not too many mangoes are grown around Southern Cal., so we source the freshest available from growers to the south.