Stan Gafner

Stan Gafner · Artist · Entrepreneur · cook

Business - Past and Present


Business Recommendations

Edward Farshi · Group Director at Pama & Co. Ltd


What can I say about Stan that has not been said before. For me  above all, I found Stan a man of Great Integrity and someone who you can  trust to do what they say. In addition he has boundless enthusiasm and  is capable of lifting you up to where he is and to motivate to work with  him.
Stan has the ability to turn a difficult situation round and come up with a simple but effective solution.
Stan  inherited several issues when he took over as the CEO, but rather than  shrug them off his shoulders, as many would do, he owned the problem and  set about to resolving it. I am pleased to say, Resolve it, he did.
I hope I get a chance to work with Stan in the future on a proactive project.   

Bruce Crair · Senior Vice President, WiFi Operations at Boingo Wireless


 I was on Stan's board at NuPhone, a startup.  Stan has great vision, and  a strong work ethic.  He dealt with a dysfunctional set of investors  and board of directors, and performed very well.  He managed the  politics well, and still managed to drive the company forward. 

Bill Reichert · Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures San Francisco Bay Area


 Stan is a savvy, dedicated technology executive.  He is focused on cutting to the chase and getting things done.   

Russ Nelson · Principal Engineer


Stan is an inspirational and hard-working leader who isn't afraid to get  his hands dirty when it can help out. I wouldn't hesitate at all to  recommend him to anyone.